4 Important Questions to Ask When Boarding Your Cat

While cats are very independent creatures, it can be good to board your cat if you'll be traveling overnight or for any extended period of time. This will ensure your cat's safety while you're away and if you should get delayed during your travels. If you've never boarded a cat before, note some important questions to ask when shopping around for a boarding location.

1. Always ask the vaccinations required

Most animals in a boarding facility will need to be vaccinated, and you may need to bring in the paperwork as proof. If you don't have it, you may need to call the veterinarian who performed the vaccinations and get proof or copies of that paperwork from their office.

2. Ask if the animals are kept separate

Cats and dogs should always be kept separate in a boarding facility, but you also want to ensure that the cats can all be separated as well. This is because cats are very territorial animals and may not appreciate sharing their space, food dish, and the like with other cats. Ask how the animals are kept and if there are separate spaces for each cat as needed.

3. Ask if the cats have something to play and hide in

Cats may have a reputation for being lazy and napping throughout the day, but they do like to play and also find places to hide in order to feel safe. A good boarding facility will have items on which a cat can jump and climb, and small spaces in which cats can hide. This can ensure your cat gets his or her exercise and won't be upset by being around other cats while you're away.

4. Note what items you can and should bring with you

Your cat may have a favorite bed in which he or she likes to sleep, but if it's oversized, a boarding facility may not be able to accommodate it. On the other hand, you may be encouraged to bring in their favorite blanket, toys, box they like to hide in, and the like. Ask about their recommendations and any restrictions or space limitations for personal items you might bring.

This would also apply to food you might bring for your cat. The boarding facility may have their own provisions but if your cat is an especially finicky eater or on a special diet for any reason, it may be preferred that you bring in their food from home. For more information, visit sites like http://www.welcomekennels.com.au.