4 Things to Beware of When Choosing a Dog Kennel

Being parted from your pet dog is never easy. While there are a lot of reputable kennels which offer a high quality service, there are others which may not maintain the high standards your dog deserves. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish a good quality kennel from a lower quality one. Below are 4 signs of a poor dog kennel that you should look out for when choosing a place for your dog to stay.

Restricted Areas

You should be cautious of any kennel which refuses you access to any area. The staff at the kennel should have nothing to hide, being happy to show you all areas of the kennel, including exercise areas, food preparation zones and logs which record feeding and cleaning activity. If it seems as if the staff avoid answering your questions or they attempt to keep you away from certain areas of the kennel, it is a sign that they may have something to hide.

Excessive Noise

While dogs can occasionally make noise, if the kennel seems excessively noisy, with lots of whining and barking going on, this could be a sign that the dogs already boarding in the kennel are stressed. A kennel which properly cares for its dogs should promote a calm environment by ensuring that the dogs in their care have enough stimulation, food and daylight.

Bad Smells

If the kennel follows the proper cleaning and hygiene practices there should be no strong smells of faeces and urine. If you notice any strong smells during your inspection of the kennel, this should serve as a warning sign that something might be amiss.

Poor Administration System

You should also ask the staff about the administration system at the kennel. This can provide you with a better idea of just how organised the staff at the kennel are. A high-quality kennel should keep clear records of vaccination checks to stop the spread of diseases, the name, age and any medical or dietary requirements of each dog and a clear registration process for new dogs entering the kennel for the first time. If the administration is poor this could mean that your dog is at risk while at the kennel. Poor paperwork and administration also suggest that the physical care of your dog will be poor.

If you are looking for a kennel for your dog, you should contact a professional dog boarding service for help and advice.