4 Things to Beware of When Choosing a Dog Kennel

Being parted from your pet dog is never easy. While there are a lot of reputable kennels which offer a high quality service, there are others which may not maintain the high standards your dog deserves. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish a good quality kennel from a lower quality one. Below are 4 signs of a poor dog kennel that you should look out for when choosing a place for your dog to stay.

4 Important Questions to Ask When Boarding Your Cat

While cats are very independent creatures, it can be good to board your cat if you'll be traveling overnight or for any extended period of time. This will ensure your cat's safety while you're away and if you should get delayed during your travels. If you've never boarded a cat before, note some important questions to ask when shopping around for a boarding location. 1. Always ask the vaccinations required

How to Make Your Cat's Cattery Trip as Stress-Free as Possible

Your cat is never likely to enjoy being taken to a cattery. These are creatures that prefer to be in their own territory. However, sometimes a trip to the cattery is not something that can be avoided, so follow these four tips to keep it as stress-free as possible. 1. Make Sure They're Comfortable with Strangers Some cat breeds, such as Russian Blues, are generally nervous around strangers no matter how they are reared, but most cats will become far more used to others if they are well socialised, so making sure that your cat encounters new people is a good idea.